Skill7 propose a belote online card game . Skill7 is THE reference card game on the internet, a real answer to the expectations of players Belote online.

Skill7 € offers 50 bonus for every new player to automatically get the bonus, simply register as explained above, your account is credited Skill7 money without having to file.

Skill7 offers some testing, test area of games that you can have fun without having to spend all free. You simply complete a short registration form so you can log on the parties. Take a funny nickname and join the players on virtual parts, opponents, real partners from around the world on a game Belote regulated.


To register, it’s pretty simple, you create a login and a password that you confirm your email. The operation take on average 10-15 seconds after people 😉

This entry allows you to play games for free at will on a game secure. Skill7 offer 10 € for each entry, 40 € if you validate your Email, or 50 € to play belote … What is this?

With Real Money

Skill7 provides a set fee Belote. As in the free game, you can bet real money on belote, play your games of money and try to win all the bets as in poker. But if you want to play moneyfollow our advice below : you’d better play on StarGames, there is a better bonus (100€)